Diagnostic & Assessment
A thorough investigation is performed to assess the functionality and performance of your computer. All hardware and software components are checked. Assessment results will be discussed in detail and recommendations for repair, replacement or upgrades will be made if applicable. This diagnostic will be discounted if you choose to proceed with any other services.

Complete PC Tune-Up
Your PC is cleaned, inside and out.  All components are checked, all bloatware and unneeded applications are removed.  Full A/V and malware scans are performed.  Windows Updates Installed.  All other applications checked for available updates. Includes 1 Year of Managed Anti-Virus software and updates.

Hardware Installation
Memory, hard drive, video card, peripheral, etc..  Per Component / Kit

Software Installation
Includes installation / upgrade of software and 15 minute one on one session with a tech to review changes and features, per application

Data Migration
Move files from one PC to another, move to cloud, move from cloud, etc..

Data Recovery
1st Stage Recovery performed in-house utilizing standard tools and software

OS Install
Operating System Install or Re-install, includes updates, driver installs, etc.

Data Erasure
All data is destroyed using a secure toolset. Certified report provided as proof of destruction. Per Drive / Device.




Unlimited Annual Support – 1 PC
Unlimited in house or remote support for one PC for one year.  Includes Monitored Anti-virus.

Unlimited Annual Support – 1 Person
Unlimited in house or remote support for 5 devices for one year. Includes Monitored Anti-virus for 1 PC.

Residential WiFi Bundles
Custom tailored enterprise class wireless systems consisting multiple access points.  Final configuration / cost based on WiFi assessment

Residential WiFi Assessment
Analysis of coverage, signal strength and radio signal overlap.  Required to build a residential WiFi bundle.

All other services, including onsite support, are provided on a per hour basis.  Current rate is $75 per hour, billed in 30 minute increments.

10% Discount to all Military, Police, Fire or first responder (With Valid ID)

HARDWARE NOT INCLUDED – Please note that in all cases, for every service, hardware is not included.