Recycling Electronic Waste

recycleWith the rapid rate of technology change, we are all left with piles of old devices and equipment.  The big question always is what do we do with all of that stuff?  Charm City PC can help.  We are proud to support and invest in green technology and services as well as offering a drop off point for recycling your electronics waste.  We have partnered with a regional recycling provider who will help us to manage and recycle any electronics waste materials dropped off.

Recycling Fee – $ FREE $

Yes, it’s free, but what about your data you might ask?  Everything we receive will have the data destroyed as part of our recycling process.  We utilize a well-known open source tool-set that unfortunately offers no verifiable reporting of what it cleaned.  Want to ensure that any devices you drop off are erased to meet current high-security standards?  We can do that too.

The data erasure process will take time, though.  The bigger the drive, the longer it takes.  We will ultimately deliver a clean drive and report of the cleanup for a nominal fee of $25.  The tools we use provide full support to destroy the data on modern Solid State Hard Drives as well as mobile devices.  The vendor actually has a patent on their process!  We will deliver a 100% Certified, Tamper-Proof report and we of course stand behind all of the work we perform.  Stop by or call for more details,

Drive Erasure – $25 Per Drive

Mobile Device Erasure – $25 Per DeviceComputer_Recycling01

PLEASE NOTE – We cannot accept glass CRT monitors, displays, televisions, etc..  Due to the difficulty in recycling them however, Baltimore County has changed the rules and will once again accept them for disposal.  This is the simplest option for CRT monitors.  You can look at the Baltimore County Electronics Waste web resources for more details including specialist recycling centers that DO accept televisions and CRT monitors.